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Our Philosophy

We believe when our clients choose to work with us, they already love our perspective, they are hiring us to capture some of the most important moments in their life and this all about trust. Whether it's your wedding day or your family growing up, time goes by so fast, it's our job to document your life story... perfectly.

The Dream Clients

Our dream clients are in their thirties, and want a timeless and elegant wedding. They rent a private venue, with close family and friends, to run an a luxury wedding. Our bride is modern, sophisticated with an artistic style. Her wedding day will be remembered in many years as happy unity of two families, what can be better!

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We based in Mombasa, Kenya, in the middle of Nyali and beautiful hotels full of amazing beaches, restaurants and famous golf club. We welcome you to meet us at our studio where we have the albums and prints to show our clients. As we work with many international brides, this why we can schedule a Skype chat consultations.

We was voted Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Kenya; we were noted for our soulful and artistic fine art portraits.

We create exceptionally moving images that celebrate life in a way that is pure and authentic by combining an eye for strong, yet simple composition with exquisite mastery of light.

Our work is artistic and honest, bearing witness to the same passion, humour and sensitivity that we exude in our personal life.


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