Alcohol etiquette for your wedding

I don’t mean to offend anyone by using the term Alcohol etiquette but our company have a strict NON-alcohol wedding policy. I would not say that MOST weddings have alcohol. I have been to plenty of weddings without it. I am also not serving alcohol at my wedding. I find no need to tell people in advance that there won't be any. Most people will be perfectly fine with it.

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There hasn’t been one specific incident that caused me to write this article, but rather a collaboration of numerous occasions where binge drinking at a wedding struck a personal chord with me and compelled me to write about it.

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So what can you do as a Bride or Groom to limit the possibility of having your event marred by alcohol? Below is a list of things I think you should keep in mind, regarding alcohol, as you plan your most special day.

1. You can party without getting drunk. Limit yourself and stick to it. Limit your Bridal Party and hold them accountable. If one person is getting out of hand, have them removed, or at the least, cut them off! 10 years down the road, you don’t want to still be discussing how “what’s his name made such a terrible scene at our wedding”

2. You can save a lot of money. You can save a big part of your wedding budget if you provide a non-alcohol cocktails for your guests.

3. Give people activities other than the bar alone. Almost every wedding that has entertainment, a photo booth, a slide show, special dances, and an entertaining event seems to have a little less drunkenness…in other words, when people are entertained and occupied, they’re less likely to feel the need to get dog drunk and hang at the bar all night.

4. Will there be children and old folks at the wedding?
This might seem like a funny question when talking about alcohol, but respect is more important then everything.

5. Will drunk Uncle Bob be there?
If you elect to have alcohol at your wedding, and you know there will be guests attending that have drinking problems, you can instruct the bartender to cut off anyone who has had too much. Because this is your SPECIAL day and everything must to be perfect!

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I could go on and on about this, but I hope you get the idea. Since the beginning of written history there have been weddings and celebrations, and dancing and drinking have been a part of them. But, a great celebration does not require getting blitzed, black out drunk. You CAN have an amazing wedding reception without the drama that comes from getting drunk. I promise you, one day you will thank me!