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Love Story Portraits in Sarova Whitesands

A New Year officially here! A few months back, we met in Sarova Whitesands Mombasa for they holiday love story portraits! …

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Galu Diani Beach Muslim Wedding Photography

They became a husband and wife at the Galu Diani Beach with only 20 of their close friends and family who traveled from all Kenya to enjoy this elegant Muslim beach wedding…

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Ocean Village Diani Beach Love Story

The perfect day in Ocean Village Club, Diani for Love Story couple shoot!!! Tamila contacted me from Moscow …

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Baobab Diani Beach Engagement

Oh my, these two just so beautiful couple! I had the BEST time at their Baobab Diani Beach engagement session! We kept it very simple and we couldn’t be more in love…

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Swahili Beach Luxury Wedding

I still can’t get over just how pretty this Luxury Wedding day was! It was held at the stunning Swahili Beach in Diani, Kenya…

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Leopard Beach Romantic Diani Wedding

A beautifully romantic wedding day in Leopard Diani Beach Resort, for a stunning couple! Thank you for being an amazing couple …. 

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Leopard Diani Beach Romantic Wedding

They got married in Leopard Beach Diani, one of the most amazing destination location for a wedding in Kenyan Coast. two beautiful days with the couple

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