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Helping you build and launch a website that is a perfect refection of you and your business, which also happens to be your ideal clients happy place, is one of my fav things to do!

With some well thought out strategy, plus the clear process enclosed in this checklist, you’ll know exactly the steps to take to launch your site already! 


Brand & Website Homework


1. Choose a Squarespace Template

Squarespace offers a collection of templates to use as the foundation for your site. 

To browse templates, visit this page.

Please note, your website won’t look exactly like the template, it will just serve as the starting point for your layout.  I will customize the look and feel for your business and brand.

While looking through the Squarespace templates pay attention to the layout, location of the navigation and overall style.  Notice what appeals to you.

In the questionnaire below, you'll be able to tell me which Squarespace template you'd like to use.



2.Create and Fill a Secret Pinterest Board

On Pinterest, create and fill a secret board with inspiration for your brand, including: logos, color palettes, patterns, textures, photos (reflective of your desired look & feel) and website designs.  Find a minimum of 3-5 pins for each of these categories. Go through your pins and leave comments on what you like about each. Invite me to access your board via or link.


3. The Questionnaire

Please note: you can't save this questionnaire and come back to complete it later, so please plan to complete it at one time.

Fill out the Brand & Website Questionnaire below

4. Upload Your Website Content to DROPBOX

Before the start of your project, I need you to upload your website content (images & text) to Dropbox

Content you'll need to upload:

  • Text for all of your pages (including headers)
  • Sidebar text (if any)
  • Images (preferably high resolution, please see tips below)


Please upload all images to Dropbox folder and name them where you want them to go. (Eg. About page, Contact page etc.)

Images must be a minimum of 1500 pixels wide. The bigger and higher resolution, the better!

If you don't have very high quality photos, I recommend buying stock photos from Shutterstock or Creative Market or engaging the services of a local photographer.  

5. Tips for Providing Helpful Feedback

You can help me by providing organized, helpful feedback on your designs. 

  • Use bullet points when listing revisions.

  • Break up your feedback into paragraphs.
  • Seperate your feedback into sections. For example, feedback about your website footer could go under the header 'website footer' and feedback about your header could go under the header 'website header'.
  • Be as specific as you can. 
  • If there is more than one person providing feedback, please gather your feedback into one message instead of posting multiple messages. 

Feedback like this helps the design process run smoothly. Thank you so much for your help!


Project Timeline