Branding and Web Design Tips

Colors, fonts, text and images - very important in your brand and can set you apart from your competitors! Your personal brand style can create the mood of your brand, and attract your ideal client. 

For example if your brand is fresh and modern you may consider style that are light and clear with a bright editing style. And if your brand is high-end and significant then the style might include a dark editing style, and classic fonts.

Whatever style or vibe of brand you choose, you just need to make sure it’s consistent and you like it!



Color is an important ingredient to building a consistent brand. For example, everyone knows that Bright blue color made famous by Twitter company or the bright and saturated gold Hazelnut color into the Al Jazeera News logo. Each of those colors are a good representation of each respective company and when you see it, you know it! 


2. Fonts

Dynamic font can be the beautiful way showcase your brand’s personality. The shapes of the letters, the sizing, the spacing, and even the pairing of fonts together can create different moods and emotions that can help your brand achieve that extra wow factor. To make the biggest impact for your brand, choose a font for your logo based on a word that you want your readers to feel when they see your brand or come to your site. 


3. Text AND SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) makes it easier for people to find your site on the web. The easier it is to find you, the more clients or customers you get landing on your site, which then leads to more sales for you and your business

Good text content is important for your business, and it is very important when it comes to SEO and driving traffic to your site. Let your content be useful, insightful and related to your business. Not only do you want Google to grab onto your information, but once your ideal client arrives at your website, you want them to be rewarded for their search. To write the description, think about what someone might search to find you. Craft your description based on those search ideas.



Good images will invite your ideal clients but make sure the people in your images represent your perfect target demographic. Adding images of your ideal client will attract more people like them. 

Share your brand colors - the colors display in the outfit, environment and atmosphere should reflect the vibration and mood for your brand.

Best plan to get your images, hire a professional photographer and create a styled shoot.