The Cost of Wedding Photography in Kenya

The Best Venues For Kenyan Beach Wedding Ceremony

The wedding photography cost is an essential part of the wedding budget, and it's something that many couples aren't actually aware.

So how much the cost of wedding photography in Kenya? The short answer is, it depends what are you looking for. You can find a photographer who is gonna to photograph your wedding for $800. However award-winning wedding photographers who specialize in the prime market range up to $10,000 and more.

Usually, couples in Kenya pay 10% of their total wedding expenses on a wedding photographer, while wedding days can be very long and apparently your wedding photographer will work no less than 8 hours!  

The most popular destination for Wedding in Kenya: Diani Beach, Mombasa, Vipingo, Watamu, Malindi Nairobi and Masai Mara. All best wedding venues in this locations will charge you approx $5000-$20000 for your wedding weekend, check more ideas for The Best Venues For Kenyan Beach Wedding Ceremony and Top 10 Luxury Destination Wedding Places In Kenya.

Looking for a Wedding photographer in Kenya

So as we talk about the cost of wedding photography in Kenya, I want to highlight all expenses that go in photographing your wedding + how much Luxury Wedding photographer in Kenya will cost based on his experience and more.

There are five great segments that make a difference in the cost of wedding photography in Kenya: 

1. Your Wedding Location - Cost for wedding photography in Kenya changes a lot based on location, in Nairobi, for example, the usual price of wedding photography will be around $3,000-$5,000. In Kenyan Coast you will find that cost for wedding photography can reach up to $12,000! Just remember great quality wedding photography in Kenya is gonna to be a high-level wedding investment. 

2. The Pricing - When contacting your Kenyan wedding photographers, remember that each one will price their service differently. If you are like a few photographers, make sure you know what is include in they price.

3. Wedding Collections - Each wedding photographer have basic collections that they offer to the couples. Some photographers charge an extra fee for travel and accommodation, while others include that in their collections. Some photographers will add Engagement and Wedding Album in collection, but others do not.

4. Photographer experience - Mostly Luxury Wedding photographers in Kenya will cost a 40-80% more than an average photographers in same location. Why so huge difference? Simply - they have best set of skills, experience and personal qualities what make them to stand out. They always deliver the best quality images, they famous for consistency in post processing, and most important they real artists, this why working with them will have a big pricing tag.

5. Couple Budget - We all know popular saying "You will get what you pay for" and this can’t be more true when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer in Kenya.

Now, just because you see a few nice wedding images on a photographer's social media, that doesn't mean you will get all your wedding photos from your day in same quality. Each photographer have collection of best images in his career.

However difference in a higher cost wedding photographer in Kenya is that you will guarantee receive great wedding photography experience. Your Wedding gallery will have real story of your love, from details shoots, getting ready, bridal, family, ceremony and more. You will get the best moments to cherish from your wedding day.

With low cost Kenyan Wedding photography you will have just few nice images, the rest will be just photos… but this is result if you will go for a budget photographer. There is a grand difference of quality between low-end and higher-end Kenyan wedding photographers. 

So how much cost of wedding photography in Kenya? It depends of what is quality means to you! Your wedding day will be flying so fast. You will be taken by all this excitement. Your spouse and your wedding photography will be the only things that remain after this perfect day is over. And your wedding photos will be the only way to secure your treasured memories of that day in your lifes. When choosing a Kenyan wedding photographer, please choose mindfully and don't let the challenge of cost be the only important element. 

Looking for a Wedding photographer in Kenya

How much you spend on your Kenyan wedding photographer will depend on how important your wedding day to you, and of course the location you’re getting married.

Lastly, your wedding day will be short and you will be taken away by excitement and your wedding photos will be the only memory that outlasts everything when is over. Your wedding photos will be the only way you remember your day.

While finding the best Kenyan wedding photographer that fits your budget is important, keep in mind that it’s super important to find a photographer that is the right investment for your wedding.


Wedding photography is a beautiful life story of your day, capturing those special moments you didn’t even see yourself, emotions, happiness and tears of joy you share with family, friends, your children and then one-day grandchildren.

If you are looking for an experienced and consistent wedding photographer in Kenya, feel free to check our latest work. And if you like the Maiafreia Weddings style just send us a note. We’d love to chat about your day!


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