Masai Mara Siria Camp Safari Lodge

Masai Mara Siria Camp Safari Lodge

Africa is a dream continent to visit for many travelers. And big chances that international guest will want to have a vacation in a famous Masai Mara. 

This place where you can find a BIG FIVE - lions, elephants, leopards, buffalo, and rhino. And of course, the best place to see the Great Migration. And meet Maasai people - who over centuries grow a beautiful relationship with the Mara wildlife.

We got lucky to visit one of the most beautiful camping hotel in Masai Mara - Siria Camp. Located on top of the natural hill, this camp has a range of different tents and chalets, some cute seating areas and an astonishing hot bath with an awesome view. 

Due to the camp original and rustic life, you will still get an opportunity to charge your laptop as well as internet, but you will come here to forget it all!!!

Super tasty food, extremely happy and friendly staff - all this makes Masai Mara Siria Camp accommodation truly special.