Wedding Gifts Shop Mombasa, Treasures Too

The Best Venues For Kenyan Beach Wedding Ceremony

I love to refer wedding venues and vendors I have worked with and who I absolutely trust. Today meet TREASURES TOO - Wedding Gift shop in Mombasa, and I am so touched by their unique style and professionalism!

Known as the place go to for luxury home decor, the Treasures Too gives you a wide selection of amazing wedding gifts that can suit any taste. Treasures Too continue a legacy as the best shop by offering the gifts every wedding couple really desired.

Home decor items such as:

- bedspreads in cotton and in silk

- lamps and chandeliers, the most beautiful lights!

- cushions and pillows

- objects from recycled wood

- handmade rugs, carpets and kelims

- the finest vases and ceramic…

- table ware made out of food grade hand beaten stainless steel

- you name it…

Treasures Too offer gorgeous presents for the newlyweds and their guests, for weddings ceremonies and events. This collection of unique Arabic, Moroccan, African and Asian themes that provided the initial inspiration for the collection.

Enjoy this unique wedding gifts shop in Mombasa, the most popular choice for Kenyan Coast wedding guests. This vibrant shop has such an exciting atmosphere that brings customers to another reality…keeping them talking about this place for weeks to come!

Old Nyali Road, Mombasa, Kenya.

+254 722 279444